Here, firstly, I have to remind myself that, what Will Smith says about his wife, “A person cannot be someone happiness, person share their happiness and share their energy”.

This seems reasonable

So, the accumulation of wealth, growing toward something is a particular thing that runs life but somehow in this world, we…

Sorry, for just going away and, thanks for ghosting me.

the days nowadays don’t feel exciting

like the days you were there with me

when we listen to some old songs on loop

when my failed attempts make you laugh

when I annoyingly told you every moment to take care…

(a little of myself here)

the clouds seem filled again,
the heart holds it heavily,
and, your love there waiting for me
to make me alive and holds your hands for eternity

but, how could I?
I don’t know how this heart became heavy
and, the breathe, see, it’s hard
hard for me…

a wave swiftly passed over the ocean of my thoughts
the dream was so obscure that I remember her

she wasn’t any other I met on a daily
I never been to heaven but, trust me meeting her
filled me with immense joy that heaven wasn’t felt far from me.

as she was there, smiling like a child with the innocence of a child
slowly, swirl away her hair walking slowly towards me
and, my eyes all widen up, can feel my heartbeat in my ears.
so heavy and wreckless that smile can’t be denied.
and, as she approached and gave a realm to live in me

…..incomplete and obscure.

get over the weekends and weekdays, it’s freaking life that you hold

try not to think like a capitalist every fucking time

live the shit you want to and do shits you love to.

you think you ain’t perfect, get up and level up

no options left other than to…

I have to write a blog and here it is,

Yesterday, I was thinking of blogging but blogging was in my mind from years just in mind where I thought of various ideas but always I ended up with the thing in the head that, “This is not good enough…

Gaurav Kharel

I am learning new things.

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